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传奇霸业仙盾铭文怎么洗 A relationship with Cardiff University is for life. Become a volunteer and learn more about our prominent alumni.

Why it's rewarding to volunteer - Paul Cutts (BA 1989)

We spoke to Paul Cutts (BA 1989) at Cardiff University's Open Day (6 July 2018) about why he found helping prospective students make Cardiff part of their life choices really rewarding.

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London calling: Dr Sara Jones runs for #TeamCardiff

London calling: Dr Sara Jones runs for #TeamCardiff

25 April 2019

Since 2016, almost 1,000 people have signed up to raise money for world-leading cancer, neuroscience and mental health research as part of #TeamCardiff. Dr Sara Jones (PhD 2000) is one of them.
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Why I run: Gareth Davies

Why I run: Gareth Davies

5 April 2019

#TeamCardiff runner Gareth Davies tops the table for funds raised in 2019 so far. We caught up with him to learn more about how he met his fundraising target, and how he’s preparing for the big day.
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What next for Wales in the world? Six things we learned

What next for Wales in the world? Six things we learned

29 March 2019

1,008 days after Britain voted to leave the European Union and mere hours before it was scheduled to do so, the only certainty is that it won’t. Yet.
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